Infodemic Poster

Poster Design & Infographic/ 2021

An infographic is a visualization of information through graphs, charts, and diagrams. This poster is designed to be an infographic showcasing the research I gathered for my senior thesis. The info I collected is about misinformation and conspiracy theories. The internet and social media have allowed people to form connections with others no matter where they are in the world. However, with such a large web of connections information and misinformation can be shared with a click of a button. This poster combines digital and hand drawn elements




This poster is 24 x 36 inches and was designed to be 2 sided. While brainstorming, I wanted the infographic to resemble a phone with the information displayed on it. While the phone motif was an easy pick, I was unsure about additional visuals. This is when I brainstormed my options through sketches. I was drawing eyes to test out a program for another project. I continued this idea with more eyes at different angles. I switched my pencil for a pen and sketched a multitude of eyes glaring at the center of a page. I kept the sketch look for its uneasy feel. I sketched the girl on a separate page. I scanned both of the drawings and edited them in Photoshop.

When it came to designing the infograph, I was debating whether or not to continue the sketched look throughout the piece. While testing different looks for the phone, I ended up keeping the digital aestetic for the phone. While discussing it with my peers, the general consensus agreed that the digital components added a nice contrast to the rest of the piece.

The contents of the infographic needed to contain quotes and charts of our research topic. Due to the large size requirement for the poster, finding the balance between font size, amount of content, and project requirements this part was challenging for me. I kept on having to edit this section of my project. Overall I am happy with the outcome of the design.