Chanshella Custom Font


Custom Font/ 2022

Chanshella was a font designed for my Aldi rebranding project. Initially, I was unable to complete the font due to time constraints with other aspects of the rebranding project. I went back to this project and completed the font. The design of the font was inspired by the redesigned logo for Aldi. During the design process I was unable to find a font that matched the logo design. Thus I created a font to coincide with the new logo. I named this font Chanshella because there were fonts already named Chantelle, Buchman, and Aldi. I chose a nickname to identify the font.




Creating my own font was a challenge. I had to plan out every aspect of the design. How would letters interact with one another? What is the maximum and minimum width and height for each letter? How can I keep the design consistent? On top of this, I created upper and lower case letterforms, numbers, and symbols. I used a program called Font Maker which works alongside Adobe Illustrator. The program identifies letterforms, symbols, and numbers which can be saved to create a font.