Arts X Design Proposal

Arts X 2021

Design Proposal/ 2021

Arts X is an event host by Bowling Green State University in celebration of the college of arts and science. Each year the logo and theme of Art X changes. The theme for 2021 was “here we go” and had to be incorporated into the design. This year, Arts X branding was completed by the class of seniors. Although my design was not chosen. I am still proud of the branding work I did to improve my design.




When I began the process of logo design, I did not have a clear plan of what to do. The initial phase of my design was inspired by the font I found. The font Chimera Pro had an array of colors that I felt represented the school of arts. As a class, we did not understand the entire rules regarding the Arts X logo. This is the reason the first draft focused on word placement. The rules were later clarified, that Arts X just needed to be part of the logo. The main focus was on this year’s theme. My second draft explored other design options. I envisioned paint splatters for the design theme because the previous year’s Arts X was canceled due to covid. I interpreted the theme that “although pandemic was rough, we are picking up the mess and having fun with what we have.” 

The final design incorporated both the paint splatter elements and art iconography within the paint splatter. The color palette was taken from the Chimera Pro font. I edited this color palette to place greater emphasis on the brighter colors. After the logo design process we were tasked to create animations for an Instagram post. In addition to the Instagram post, we developed animated banners. My design was not chosen for Arts X 2021, but my design improved drastically compared to where it was at the beginning of the project.